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CDS − Web is a web based application which is the primary resource of clinical trial data for all of National Cancer Institute (NCI). CDS reports are submitted for all NCI sponsored trials (Phase 1, 2 and 3). This includes all:
  • NCI sponsored Cooperative Group and Community Clinical Oncology Program (CCOP) Research Base treatment trials utilizing NCI supplied investigational agents and trials utilizing non-NCI agents (commercial or investigational).
  • All NCI grant funded non-Cooperative Group (Cancer Center or other institution) trials (if CDS reporting is a grant requirement) utilizing non-NCI agents.
  • All NCI sponsored Cooperative Group and CCOP Research Base non-treatment trials (accrual > 100 patients).
The Abbreviated CDS Data Set is limited to protocol administrative and patient demographic information. The Complete CDS Data Set contains the information found in the Abbreviated CDS Data Set, patient administrative information (e.g., registering institution code, patient treatment status), treatment information (e.g., agent administered, total dose per course), adverse event information (e.g., Adverse Event type, grade), and response information (e.g., response observed, date response observed).
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